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  • Ultrasonic Cleaner CLEANER-30A
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  • 06-18-2018
Detail Information

Ultrasonic Cleaner CLEANER-30A

          Type              Voltage       Power      Capacity      Frequency       Outside size        Net Weight      Gross Weight

CLEANER-30A      220V/50         270              3                     40          240×140×100              3.5                    4.2

completely stainless steel cover, reliable and beautiful.

External drain structure , you can change the clean liquid at any time.

Low noise design keep silence of the clinic.

Specialized basket is designed for delicate minute devices that

should be free from friction and braise ,for example ,high-speed and

low speed handpiece.

Digital display , simple operation.

Intelligentized temperature control heating system, improve the clean

effect completely.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
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